After All, What Was The Problem With The Winner Of The Academy Award For Best Costume Design.

The actress Cate Blanchett took the stage of the Academy Awards, this Sunday in an Armani model full of flowers. Considered by many one of the best-dressed of the red carpet, she was there to announce the winner of the Academy Award for best costume design: Jenny Beavan, Londoner for your work in Mad Max: Fury Road. The film took six of the ten nominations he received. The winners were all duly, applauded by the audience that packed the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles but a, Jenny.

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When the designer’s name was announced and she rose from the Chair toward the stage, a scene caught the attention of who watched and won rebounding on social networks. Many people who were in the audience applauded not Jenny. Among them the Director of “the return”, Alejandro g. Iñarritu, which do not descruzou your arms:


— Another Round (@anotherround) February 29, 2016

The amazement was precisely the look chosen by Jenny, which has 65 years, for a ceremony, for which the invitation said black tie & “. She wore a leather jacket (synthetic) retro bought in Marks Spencer, the largest network & of department stores of the United Kingdom. For the ceremony, Jenny Swarowski crystals embroidery in the piece sent to the symbol of Mad Max. No trace of makeup or a overproduction for the hairstyle.

According to the Independent, she had already been the subject of comments when you took the BAFTA Award for best costume design weeks before. The English actor and comedian Stephen Fry tuítou: “only one of the great stylists of the movies would come to an award dressed like an old bag”. The “joke” didn’t take well to Fry, who deleted your account in less than 12:00 am. On occasion, he explained that it was a “joke” and that Jenny had not offended. In fact, she seems to be “don’t care” for comments:

— I don’t wear dresses and heels. I just can’t, I have back problems. I would look ridiculous in a dress and it was a tribute to Mad Max. I’m feeling comfortable and, as far as I can see, I’m really dressed up! — said to be questioned in the press room about the choice of look.

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Jenny is designer and costume designer, trained at the renowned Central School of Art and Design in London. She brings the curriculum ten Oscar nominations for best costume design. Among them, the “the King’s speech” and “sense and sensibility”. In addition to the BAFTA for the same movie with which led to Oscar estueta.

In addition, in your speech, she recalled the post-apocalyptic Mad Max, where gasoline and water are rare substances, could become a reality:

— I just want to say something very serious. I’ve been thinking a lot about how, in fact, Mad Max could be terribly prophetic. If we are not gentle with each other, and if we don’t stop polluting our atmosphere, so you know, this can happen.

And the answer to the title of this story? Well, people are free to wear what you want and the comfort must always be taken into consideration when choosing an outfit. The Oscar that the designer took home on Sunday leaves no doubt. There’s nothing wrong with the look of Jenny.