Aesthetics in Pregnancy

Find Out What Procedures Are Indicated And Prohibited In Pregnancy

Being a mother is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. During pregnancy many changes occur in the body: increased waist circumference, appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins, weak nails, hair loss, among other modifications. These changes let any woman worried looking for aesthetic treatments that canalleviate in pregnancy. However, not all procedures can be made during this period, as they can affect the baby’s health, says dermatologist Fernando Passos de Freitas.

Not to run risks, know what aesthetic treatments are released during pregnancy:

  1. Stains onface and belly: one can use bleaching creams formulated by an expertthat don’t contain Retinoic acid or hydroquinone. In addition, creams with vitaminC can be used. Is shown to always use sunscreen when out of the House, with UVA and UVB protection.

2.: Peels are only allowed the dermoabrasivos, Crystal or diamond. The chemicals,Retinoic acid, trichloroacetic acid, etc. are against both pregnancy and listed breastfeeding.

  1. Makeup and nail polish: according to the Healthknowing, pregnant women can use enamel and makeup without any restriction.

4.-hair removal depilatory creams, hair bleaches and laser hair removal are prohibited. Make shaving with razor or wax.

  1. Lymphatic drainage:the procedure is great for relieving leg pain caused by fluid retention during pregnancy. Some care should be taken as: avoid drainage of abdomen and don’t use body creams with methyl nicotilato or caffeine.
  2. Acne:can worsen in the first trimester of pregnancy, when increases the production of the hormone progesterone. The recommended treatment is with oral and topical specific antibiotics or liquid soap with salicylic acid at low concentrations.
  3. Stretch marks: the idealis to use potent moisturizers with almond oil, grape seed oil, rosehip oil, lactic acid, etc. Urea should not be used. There is the possibility to make peeling of Crystal, if stretch marks are not located in the abdomen.