Acer Aspire one D257 (LU. SFS0D. 230)

Dual-core processor

In the inside of the acer aspire one D257, an intel atom N570 processor with a clock frequency of 1.66 ghz which is graphical representation of intel graphics media accelerator 3150 works. The calculation speed is sufficient for office programs and surf the internet, games fans come but not at their expense. The appearance of three pictures per second is not sufficient to allow liquid to run games. Find the test criteria for games in the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo.


320 gigabytes of data contains the hard drive by western digital, memory is a gigabyte large. On board of the netbooks are card reader, bluetooth, wi-fi and a network socket. There is no optical drive and an HDMI port. Three USB ports for mouse, keyboard, or memory sticks are available, the connections on the side of the device are within easy reach. The fast USB 3.0 standard but not supported. A webcam for video telephony is integrated in the frame of the anti-reflective 10.1 inch display (1024 x 600 pixels).

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Battery last long

The battery of acer aspire one D257 lasted over five hours when working with office programs, playing the movie, it was even less than seven and a half hours are good values. Clever: The minigo AC adapter without an additional power cable, weighs about a third less than conventional devices and plug it directly into the wall socket (such as with mobile power supplies). Noise and heat of the acer are not bothersome.

Speeding up with android 

Windows 7 and android 2.3.1 be used as operating systems for the acer netbook. Thanks to dual-boot option, you choose which system to boot. How to use the speed of android and the variety of windows 7 at will. If only a short check the facebook page or E-mail is required, or manage calendar and contacts in your google account, with android, android is especially handy. Is microsoft office starter 2010 (basic features of word and excel) and windows live essentials 2011 (messenger, mail, writer, photo gallery and call) on the aspire one D257 represented.

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Conclusion: Acer Aspire one D257

The Acer Aspire one D257 done pretty fast tasks with Word and Excel, for games, it’s good nor as its competitors. Who does not want to work with Windows, start the NetBook with Android as the operating system.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Acer Aspire one D257 done pretty fast tasks with Word and Excel, for games, the NetBook is good but just like its competitors. Who does not want to work with Windows, uses the Android operating system installed. Order this product on Amazon per second operating system Bluetooth screen anti-reflective contra no USB 3.0 no HDMI port short warranty period test note of Editor 2.70 satisfying user rating now evaluate alternative: Asus Eee PC 1011PX.

Anyone looking for a cheap NetBook for working with Word, Excel, and surfing the Internet, is very well served by the Asus Eee PC 1011PX. The 10.1-inch NetBook does not cost much, works quickly and has good facilities.