Acer Aspire One 722 (LU. SFT02. 145)


In the aspire one 722 the hardware by intel, but a processor and a graphics chip from AMD not – there as in netbooks widely -, which together form the accelerated processing unit (APU fusion). The C-60 but only has a clock speed of one gigahertz. The counterpart of intel is more preferable for pure office tasks. The user but more power than by the integrated graphics chips in intel’s atom processors can expect from the radeon HD 6290. Playing even a chance that one or get others to neatly displayed, for example, the simple racing game trackmania. The average calculated the netbook but only 17 frames per second.


Noticed at first glance the sleek, elegant-looking casing of the netbook, as well as the unusual optical design of the display cover. Consistent with the very low with not even 1.4 kilogram weight. The memory is limited to meager two gigabytes. In everyday life, thus, the netbook can be very slow. So, it happens frequently that the browser with parallel running word hangs completely or can be operated only with strong jerking. Here, an upgrade of RAM on four gigabyte remedy can create. The software package adobe is includes in addition to the microsoft windows home premium operating system (64-bit) useful programs, such as office 2010 starter, reader or skype, but also numerous freeware and software from acer, not imperative that up on some driver programs.

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Screen spiegelnder high

1366 x 768 pixels find place on the 11.6-inch display that reduces the scrollbedarf compared with smaller devices. The display is however not anti-reflective, renders colors but tired and full, so that initially the mirror effect is not so striking. However, the image offers a weak contrast in low-light. Indoors, the reflective screen can be used without hesitation to avoid direct light sources. Outdoor use is much more difficult.

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the convenient-to-use touchpad with multitouch feature is great. It is pleasantly large and precise. The keyboard, however, leaves a poor impression. The shaky buttons offered little grip and the soft pressure point should have been much better and is not recommended for prolific writer. The stability of the housing is fine and does not feel as it would not cope with a mobile use.

Battery and operating

The aspire one 722 focuses on the essential mobility. Basically a netbook must no longer can, because there are much larger and often more expensive notebooks for the power-hungry tasks. On the road, especially the low weight and acceptable battery life, and the low heat development are important. The battery lasted four and a half hours at work and five and a half hour film watching. Consistent with the very low fan noise of the acer aspire one 722, which is also positive.

Bottom line: Acer aspire one 722

Acer completes its portfolio with current AMD C-60 APU and integrated radeon HD 6290 graphics from. Technical performance, the proposed package is no novelty. Good: The fresh design and easy extensibility. To complain about are the small housing stability, the meager scope of supply and the glossy screen. There is only 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Test conclusion: What you should know

Grafikintensive tasks are not the strength of netbooks. It is clear that games will not count towards the field of application of the acer aspire one 722 at most flash games. World in conflict runs on very low details with average 25 frames per second, but they fall off quickly with elaborate scenes on 11 to 15. Good battery performance interface size order this product at amazon pro easy extensibility contrast glossy screen lean included only 12-month warranty test note of the editorial 2.57 satisfying user rating (out of 2 reviews) alternative: Lenovo ideapad S205.

Choose from the 11.6-inch is very very limited devices and for prolific writer worth a look on the lenovo ideapad S205, which has a much better keyboard and with AMD fusion APU rather E-450 also more horsepower under the hood.