About Sleeping Bags

When it comes to sleeping bags (sleeping-bag) the comfort of rest. It is important to choose right template for not having a headache later.

In a tropical country like ours, with enough variance in temperature, see you in a sea of options, speaking up for camp. The sleeping bags are of various shapes and options.

There are several models, but in General, they are made of Nylon (polyamide) on the outside and cotton inside. Remember that you need to see if you will only use the sleeping bag, Hi will put a pad underneath, increasing your comfort.

The simplest model is a bag without zipper and without the part to place the head.

This is not very suitable, as it is difficult to enter and make getting all the time very well covered.

The other models with zip also vary, from models that open halfway up models that open.

The type sarcophagus, opens up the foot and is indicated for lower temperatures, leaving your feet more involved and preventing a body movement. So the temperature of the same stands.

The envelope type is more suitable for those travelling to places as varied as beach and mountain. It opens, unfolding to turn into a quilt. So if you are heat, the camper can lie down on it and cover with the other half more freely.

In Bestfishingessentials, prefer the sleeping bags with a zipper that opens to both sides, so when you get up in the middle of the night, the camper can open only the bottom and walk “dress”, this also goes for those who like to sleep with your feet.
At the time of purchase, ask the seller to open the product. Touch the material for approval. Feel the texture of the fabric and the size of the set. Make the right choice and take good care of your equipment.

Tip: In extremely cold places, a small and thin wool blanket wrapped in your body inside the sleeping bag, help, and facing the low temperature.