About Security Cameras

Infrared cameras (IR)

Infrared surveillance camera is capable of shooting both day and night.

The day the images are in color like any other camera. For cons, the night the images are in black and white and may even be as good as the day. Indeed, the camera lens is surrounded by LEDs, which light up automatically when the outside light is insufficient. This system allows shooting at 0 lux, that is to say, in total darkness.According to the camera models, these LED bulbs have a greater or lesser extent and let you get a perfect image transmission up to 80 meters in the darkest areas.
When selecting your camera, you have to determine with the greatest attention the lens setting and range of night vision (5m to 50m) are the two performance criteria.

Speed ​​domes

The Speed ​​Domes are recommended when the surveillance area is very large (parking, deposits …) because this type of camera can be rotated 360 °, ensuring transmission of high quality images. You can install on a wall or ceiling.

You can also program the round to make your completely autonomous dome or simply control your camera remotely using a joystick or mouse. To manipulate the rotation, tilt and zoom of this type of camera you simply have to connect it to your computer network with an Internet connection. You also have full control of your camera from your mobile!

Spy cameras

smoke detector, motion, pens, such cameras must put the look you want to make sure video surveillance discreetly.

Spy cameras have the same technical characteristics as the internal cameras with a respectable image quality and the ability to be hidden in any object to ensure CCTV unnoticed.

IP cameras

IP cameras allow you to make high-end CCTV installations. Depending on the model, these cameras give you a picture resolution up to 5 megapixels.

Cameras without son

The cameras without a son bring you comfort and discreet surveillance. You can move the camera to a monitored zone to another, without any installation.

Dummy Cameras

The dummy camera is the solution to deter cheaply. Featuring a realistic aesthetic, they allow you to better secure the perimeter. Depending on the model, you can use indoors and outside and even insert batteries to illuminate LED bulbs.