Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

Ouch! That hurts! No matter whether it is only a small Tweet or a strong cramp: abdominal pain in pregnancy in the expectant Mama always ensure fear.

Even small changes enable expectant mothers on alert – especially when dealing with discomfort in the abdomen. But don’t worry: In most cases, abdominal pain inpregnancy are harmless.

These are the causes of abdominal pain in pregnancy

Most women suffer from abdominal pain during pregnancy. This is normal and usually not serious. The many changes in the body are to blame.

Easy drawing abdominal pains caused during pregnancy often of the mother tapes. These are flexible muscle fiber straps that stabilize the uterus. Through the ever-growing baby stretch the bands and specifically provide problems towards the end of pregnancy.

Another cause of abdominal pain in pregnancy is constipation, which many expectant moms fight. At the beginning of the pregnancy, the body produces large amounts of the hormone progesterone, which among other things ensures that slows down the bowel movement. Read more: constipation in pregnancy

In addition to these harmless causes of abdominal pain in pregnancy, there are however also some that can indicate amiscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or a uterine rupture. Always take complaints seriously and visit your doctor if you have strong, sudden onset of abdominal pain.

Abdominal pain in early pregnancy

In the first three months, the risk of miscarriage is high. Pregnant women are especially nervous this time, if you experience abdominal pain or a pull. This drawing is quite normal. You can feel how the uterus grows, new vessels form and adjusts the whole body on the baby.

And: mild abdominal pain can be a first sign of pregnancy. Some women feel the implantation of the egg in the uterus as easy Tweets.

In this first stage of pregnancy you should however pay particular attention to other symptoms. The abdominal pain are strong and focused on one side of the abdomen, which can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Reference: http://www.animalerts.com/2016/04/26/can-i-take-acetaminophen-in-pregnancy/

Do not confuse: abdominal pain & labor in pregnancy

In the second half of pregnancy, abdominal pain can be also first contractions . In particular, if the belly is hard. Also here is for now not a cause for concern. From the 20th week of pregnancy exercise contractions may occur, this is normal.

SOS help for abdominal pain in pregnancy

Stomach pain can be quite troublesome and you want it rid certainly as soon as possible. What are you doing for the abdominal pain in pregnancy, depends on where they come from.

In pain due to a blockage, you should eat much drink and high-fiber foods . Drinking Chamomile, fennel tea can also help.

The best foods for constipation:

Come the abdominal pain during pregnancy by the physical changes, you can create a warm hot water bottle to relax after the first three months on the belly. The water must be but not warmer than 40 ° C. Alternatively, you can put you in the bathtub.

You do without painkillers. After consultation with the doctor, an acetaminophen may be taken strong complaints.