A VW Gol Trip Through Latin America

Two young adventurers went to travel the continent in his car. Image gallery.

The story of Sabrina Paroli and Carlos Bassanetti began in Ushuaia, on the southern tip of Argentina and South America, almost like a prelude to what would take place a few years getting to know. A 60,000 km trip inspired a passion in common, which led them to explore the entirety of Earth that will put them ahead, revealing to the world and allowing them to open up to the roots that unite all Latin Americans as brothers.

They departed from the southern tip of Argentina an ice cream June 2, 2011, in a Volkswagen Gol named Rhea (in honor of the bird similar to the ostrich who lives in Patagonia, also known as Rhea). Based on the experience of his adventures in the South Asian and New Zealand, were launched committed through the Patagonian routes, heading north, to the North.

The first stop was in Mar del Plata, cradle of Sabrina and one of the most emblematic places of the Argentine tourism, a major country in South America area. Hence they departed for San Luis, to then traverse much of northwestern Argentina. They agreed on their way through the Ischigualasto Valley with the full moon cycle, to contemplate one of the most stunning landscapes of the Earth: the famous Valley of the Moon illuminated by the reflection of the satellite. Then interned in body and soul to the intense contrasts of the villages lost in the immensity of Salta, where is little wealth, but spare the spirit.

Trip Through Latin America

Crossing to Bolivia

The wheels of the goal advanced firmly through the Salar de Uyuni, the white desert without marks on the horizon and where men wear the few hills that appear between the mirages as the only guide to back to the world. Shortly after they were at Sucre, the constitutional capital of the country and home to thousands of stories in its more than 500 years old.

They visited giant vacuum that is now mount Potosi, area who lived a time of Ecstasy in the sixteenth century with the indiscriminate extraction of silver mountain. It was thus, that the natives say that the Spanish “carried the soul of the Hill”.