A Photo Leaked Us Allows You to Compare The Size of The New LG and HTC G3 One (M8)

Probably most of us will agree that LG did a super job with the G2 frames and everything seems to indicate that these good impressions they will repeat itself with the G3, that, as I have mentioned in several posts, it will be officially launched tomorrow.

Practically we already know all the specifications of the new phone from the South Korean firm, and does not seem that tomorrow we will bring us no surprise. In any case, one of its most striking features is its screen of 5.5 inch, that, almost in complete safety, you will use a panel 1440 p. Interesting thing now is to know if the increase in size will make it much more voluminous than the G2.

The picture that illustrates this post has been filtered by a blog of Viet Nam, and allows us to compare the width of the G3 and the One (M8) HTC quite clearly. As I have mentioned before, is «sung» the new mobile LG will have a 5.5-inch screen, while the One (M8) has one of «only» 5 inch.

Although the difference in width between these two terminals is not scandalous, we can clearly see that LG is a little wider. That extra half-inch screen has to note, it is logical, but what we need to check is if the G3 has a few frames as narrow as the of the G2. In the photographs that have been leaked I think they are slightly wider than its predecessor, but it is only an appreciation that we can probably confirm or refute tomorrow itself. We’ll see what happens.