A Perfect Dress For Summer

Good morning! Go past the hangover of my birthday, it seems that life goes on. And the cake also! I do not think that out for the rations that I asked (10-15 people) I think that it was for some…

30! Not just never but I so glad with what I like sweet. That Yes, comply in full operation bikini Yes that is living to the limit. I was born with well entrenched matches. Yesterday told me my mother that always wanted to put a daughter Jara, dreamed since childhood, and I was born the day of Santa Jara! Don’t tell me that there can be no more chance in the world than that. Just no longer turns to never repeat my holy and my birthday because it is depends of as Easter falls.

Finally, as you will see it do everything perfect mm already I had been imposed. It is perfect as I saw this dress as described in cool clothes yesterday Coosy. I went to another that I saw on Instagram and I turned and I came across this. I loved the second and since I thought that it would have to be much better than in the hand. I think it’s a dress that I will benefit a lot from this summer because I am also favoured, it is cool and I do not know… you can taste more or less but I saw him ideal. As I was told in the store this girl is very Coosy! And so… because I took another lol! I can not help it… whenever I go is going to sin. But so happy because everything is also clothing made in Spain and I love that I. I think people who generally undertakes brave and fighter. And the truth… gives me great joy to go them as well.

So here you have the look of today and I’m running to several press conferences… is the week of all of them, to see if I came with so much jam in Madrid lately. I’ve been dress Sandals from Tommy Hilfigerd, purificación García bag and I think that does not leave me nothing more. Now in summer just before… What if they are taught are the little feet with peanut asked full of Le Petit Salon I chose the Dada of Yves Saint Laurent. Thousand kisses in the heart, more tomorrow.