A Leak Reveals Various Possible Specifications of The Mini Version of The LG G3

The G3 LG is one of the smartphones that is awakening more expectations over the past few weeks. Leaks that are intended to reveal how will possibly be this interesting terminal huddle, but the oddest thing is that they have already begun also rumors that anticipate the arrival of the first «Crown» of this phone: the Mini G3.

In the document that has been leaked this new product is identified under the internal reference Mini B2, that leaves little room for doubt if we take into account that the code name of the LG G3 is B2. Some sources are running that the mini G3 could be also internally as known LG D725.

In any case, the specifications that appear in the document already leaked allow us to glimpse how will be expected this smartphone. Its screen size is not yet known, although it seems that its resolution will be 720 p, so it is likely that it lies between the 4.5 and 4.7 inches. More reasonable, in my opinion, is that you even the 4.7 inch mini G2.

More data. Also it seems that it will incorporate a camera from 8 megapixel camera, so it is clear that their overall performance will be a step below the of the G3, which is what you would expect from a “mini” version. As you may have imagined, even we don’t have pictures of this new phone, so we decided to illustrate the post with a photograph of the mini G2, which can be considered the forerunner of this new LG smartphone.