A Glass Bottle Laptop That Purifies Water

Consume bottled water a habit has become for many people. millions of bottles are bought and thrown away daily in the world, causing damage to people and the environment by bouncing these toxins.

However, an alternative to end this bad habit is the use of other materials, such as stainless steel or glass bottles. With this in mind, a company based in Austin, Texas developed a portable glass bottle that contains within it a filter to purify the water. By using it, you drink more clean water and the environment will benefit by ceasing to buy polluting plastic water bottles.

It is innovative in design, blending beauty with practicality, as well as its operation using high-tech filters to obtain water from an easy and practical way. It is ergonomic and can be fastened with ease, as well as having a perfect size to carry in a purse or backpack.

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant material, durable, lightweight and free of hazardous chemicals. A good thing is that it can be used without filter to carry other beverages such as tea or juice.

Designed exclusively for this bottle, filter consists of a nano-fibers membrane electrostatic charged. In addition, features of adsorption (a process by which atoms or molecules are retained on the surface of a material), mechanical filtration, and ion exchange, which, combined, achieve a powerful filtration system that eliminates bacteria, lead, viruses, chlorine, and parasites, among others.

To add these features, multiply their profits. People’s health will be enhanced to drink cleaner water, non-toxic as Bisphenol A or BPA, released by PET bottles with the passage of time; at the same time, are encouraged the habit of drinking water in anywhere, anytime, since it conforms to the current lifestyle, reducing consumption of beverages harmful for health.

Your filters have a duration that is equivalent to the use of 600 plastic bottles, so if its use becomes popular, thousands of bottles will no longer be buying, leaving contaminate. The company launched a campaign through the network of financing Kickstarter, indicating that the cost of the first bottles will be 39 dollars.