A First Look at The Interface to Released The LG G3

LG has given you the turn the tide to its situation in the Android market, since the platform, took seriously and worked with Google phones Nexus, it has become one of the manufacturers to follow, especially when we talk about latest technologies.

The breakthrough gave it last year with LG G2, which was ahead of most of his rivals in hardware, forming a group that today is still among the best of the high-end. This is following in great detail every piece of information that appears on its successor, the LG G3.

We think that a Japanese terminal that can be revealing details of design and specifications of the next ship there will be lot of LG Esai, Korean brand logo. The news that today we bring you have more to do with the user interface, which has been strained in a few images.

We assume that this new image for interface deburara on LG G3, but somehow is a story that you can share with the rest of the family of LG phones. We can see that the design is simple and clean, round icons, and different tones, in addition to functionality that would have to do with something like Google Now. You can see it better in the next Gallery:

See complete gallery» LG G3 screens (4 photos)

On specifications, images help us to understand that the next LG phone will have an extra resolution relative to the standards of today day. We talked specifically about 1440 x 2560 pixels, or Quad HD resolution. Unless Samsung, Sony or HTC, have something in the bedroom, their current models are in Full HD.