8 Tricks for Decorating With Style home With Ikea

Do you want to decorate the house with an artistic touch, but you can not afford to spend a fortune or to pay an architect who is able to develop the best environments of your house? Do not worry, because we think Ikea: the low cost furniture brand, in fact, allows us to furnish every room with a unique style. Wimdu suggests eight useful tips for real art attacks that we can create in our homes thanks at Ikea.

The livingroom

For the stay shall you make unique your footstool?

The nature in the house

A little ‘home-nature never fails and is always good!


Here is a touch of wall clocks to wear in Remzfamily.

Room with panoramic views

And here is how to improve the view from the balcony or window.

The bathroom

And here’s how to keep everything in order in the bathroom.

A spa at home

And why not create a spa at home for our relaxation?

A children’s bedroom

Lets not forget the children’s room!

Sweet dreams…