8 Tips For Looks With Jacket For Winter

Despite the blazers consider parts for almost every moment, in winter there are some who seem to have greater harmony with the station, either through your fabric or your default, we talked of them in this post and comment more than a dozen images that served as example, but now it’s time for us to mount our own suggestions to readers of looks with a blazer for the coldest season of the year , see below:

2 Suggestions Using Velvet Blazer

Casual For Day
Our first suggestion is totally casual and youthful, mixing the Velvet texture and cable knit tricot (read about it) with visual cool the Plaid Shirt and jeans, avoiding the visual becomes too heavy. The brown leather accessories are ideal to complement the modern winter climate of this combo that can very well be used for work, college or even walk.Warm up a little knitting can be deleted, because the look is still working fine without it.

Chic For Night
Velvet in colors like burgundy and violet are great for use at night and in this case, we can abuse the dark tones. A pair of slim fit jeans or denim shirt marine black tailor make a sober and elegant look complemented by a boots in varnish and croco belt, both black. The clock for a combo of this kind have to be sophisticated and luxurious to maintain the level and the best bet is to leather and steel box.

3 Suggestions With Wool Blazer

Casual To (First Left)
Warm and comfortable, this look takes advantage of wool and cotton to form a combination that will be used throughout the day, especially for those who work in the street and facing a cold rigoso. The style of the pieces blend is intended to create a visual eclectic, where a sweatshirt “live” in harmony with a blazer and a chino, whose court resembles the tailoring. As the style is stripped, a shabby-looking boots and a belt of canvas fall like a glove.

Rocker Chic (Centre)
Going out for the evening with some friends in that bar trendy? A wool blazer paired with certain parts create a rocker-style killer and give a break to your leather jacket. If you want to leave more relax, change your shirt by shirt of your favorite rock band, but don’t neglect the shoes, a boot like this will certainly raise the level of your look.

Functional Work (Right)
If your work environment is casual, but requires you to go a little more aligned this will not be the reason for cold or discomfort, take note of the formula: wool blazer in brown tone, Twill pants, henley shirt and nylon vest and scarf to protect even more, the shoe bicolor comes to show that you know the basics and the sophisticated mix evenly.

3 Suggestions With Plaid Blazer

Plaid Blazer With Bow Tie (Left)
With a little more contrasting colors, that jacket is our most daring choice among the chess pattern. Not to much effort combine trousers and tie with any color already used in the jacket, but don’t be lazy, use a shirt with any complementary color in clear to leave the visual light.This look goes well with retro style shoes like oxfords and brogues bicolors.

Plaid Blazer With Pants Of Tailoring
Enjoy the beautiful shade of the blazer to make a tone on tone shirt, having resolved this issue, choose a neutral and elegant tailoring, snapping up with a casual shoe laces to leave visual very modern.Always keep the hand a scarf if cold more rigorous at the end of the day.

Chess In Blazer Look Suit
How about a classic look and behave? Then choose a blazer with darker shades, a pair on the same line and a traditional social shirt. The brogue shoe with flawless gloss and tie in microestampa give the set that professional style and held ideal for desktop.