7 Sexy Ways to Get Physical

The training that we present to you next are good options to exercise and feel more sexy.

7 Sexy Ways to Get Physical

Who said that to stay in shape have to opt for more conventional exercise ? And by conventional means the typical modalities of gymnasium or go out for a race for example. Well, you do not have to. So what if we tell you that there are sports that not only work your body, but also your sex appeal ? Not convinced? This is because you do not know the sexiest exercises of the moment. Well, look.




Or man’s dance in Portuguese. Yes why not? Long gone is the time when pole dance was exclusive of nightclubs, but in recent times the offer of classes of dance of the man has been increasing and the popularity of this modality does not stop to increase, mainly among the women. There are those who choose just to attend classes on special occasions, such as hen parties, but there are already those who enjoy to take advantage of all the benefits of the sport. And yes, the benefits are many. The pole dance combines dance and acrobatic exercises, allowing you to work the main muscle groups simultaneously. In addition to burning up to 700 calories in a dance pole class will still increase strength and stamina, as well as flexibility and muscle toning. Not to mention that it is fun and even helps increase your confidence.


Yes, the burlesque dance also enters this list and how it could not be. We’re talking about a provocative dance class that involves props like blowers, feathers and high heels. Sexiest workout impossible. Basically a burlesque class will burn calories (at least 400) and tone the muscles of the legs, glutes and abs, all while having fun (and a lot!) And learn some seduction techniques. These classes also focus on helping practitioners increase their self-esteem.


That’s what you’re thinking. A lap dance dance class will teach you how to do a lap dance. Not only will you be able to say “good-bye” to at least 500 calories, as it still increases your flexibility and may still amaze your face-half (why not?).


Want to practice physical exercise in a sexy way, but with something less daring than pole dance, lap dance or burlesque? So belly dancing can be the ideal solution for you. Also called dance of the seven veils, this modality is part of the imagery of many women (and men too). Belly dancing is defined by celebrating curves and female shapes, encouraging practitioners to enjoy their bodies. But not only. Belly dancing is also a great aerobic exercise, perfect for losing weight (it can burn between 500 and 700 calories, per class) and get the perfect abs .


Here is a good option to practice two. How about “dragging” your “most of all” to a good salsa class and burn calories while dancing? Does it look good on you? So try the salsa lessons, which will allow you to tone your leg muscles, strengthen your back muscles and improve your heart activity, burn about 700 calories (one hour of class) and learn some really sexy moves.


Another very sensual class that you can take advantage of with your half face. It is a dance that emanates heat and sensuality and that provides a greater complicity and empathy between your pair. After mastering the base steps, the track is yours and the sensuality comes quickly to the top.


That’s it. There was someone who remembered to create an aerobic striptease class. These classes aim to eliminate the inhibitions of practitioners, but they are alone. This is a great cardio workout and a good option to lose those “extra pounds” (can eliminate up to 500 calories per class) and tone muscles.