6 Tips To Wear Jewelry That Will Make You Shine This Summer

In summer, the recipe is right: beach, sun, heat and body on display! Arms, legs, neck, all asking to be seen and shine! So, there’s nothing better than enjoying this season to wear beautiful jewelry and feel even more powerful!

Want to spend the summer full of style? So check out here 6 amazing tips that we have prepared for you to use and abuse your jewelry in the heat and raze in the sun season! Write there:

1 – Beware Of The Sun

Are you going to expose yourself to the sun? Capriche on sunscreen in places where you are wearing your jewelry. Often people only remember to protect their faces, shoulders and arms, but if they are wearing parts elsewhere in the body, such as rings, laces or anklets, you risk getting unwanted marques. Spread the shield on all parts of the body that will be exposed and wait until the product is well absorbed by the skin before putting on your props.

2 – If You Play Tricks

This summer comes with beautiful trends for you to use and abuse! Pulseism (wearing multiple bracelets at once), fringes, asymmetrical accessories and organic shapes are some of the season’s hits. Enjoy fashion and increase your style with these accessories.

3 – Enjoy The Summer Jewelry

You know that beautiful pregnant accessories you’re crazy to wear but do not you think it’s a good time? Now is the time! Parts like anklets and bracelets are the face of summer! If you are one of the most daring team, it’s worth investing in a piercing. Summer is time to bet on jewels that do not appear in other seasons, so, enjoy the tan and do not be afraid to show off!

4 – Feel Comfortable

Ok, summer jewelry is pure style, but nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable! If you go to the beach or exercise, avoid jewelry that may bother you. Large earrings may twist in your hair, maxi parts can become filled with sand and cause irritation, chains can get in the way and curl up in your bikini. Being fashionable is great, but comfort is key, so choose the right pieces for every occasion!

5 – Ouse

Do not be afraid to try it! Summer is fun time, sun, heat, shine and does not match with plumbing! If you are feeling incredible and want to show the world how cool this season makes you, use and abuse your accessories. Do not be afraid to look different: wearing jewelry in the summer is super stylish, but chic even feels beautiful!

6 – Take Good Care Of Your Pieces

Jewelry on the beach can? Of course! But take good care of them. Remember to take them out every time you enter the sea, as salt from the water can damage your pieces, darken them and accelerate the oxidation-in addition, you may lose some pebble or even the whole piece on the swing Of the waves. Beware of the sand and when you get home, be sure to clean your jewelry well before storing it.

Ready to raze your jewelry in the summer? Tell us what your favorite parts are at this station!