6 Sets that We Never Want to Hear When Shopping

1.”Unfortunately, we only have the shoe in size 36.”

They have finally found one: the perfect sandal that fits to all summer clothes and is a dream at all-and then the shoe seller makes a point with everything.  It can not be that the most beautiful shoes are only available in very small or very large sizes. That a large part of the women in Germany size 38 or 39 carries, should have rumged to have slowly, right?

2.”What else do you need?”

Typical question of bored shopping companions who have obviously not yet understood the concept of an extended shopping trip at http://www.ebizdir.net/. It is not just about buying things that we absolutely need. Rather, to search for inspiration, surprise, and grandiose feeling, by accident, a madness, which we have not sought at all.

3.”That’s what you wear now.”

A sentence that likes to fall, while one is undecided in front of the mirror and wonders whether this blouse is still going through as a trendy Oversize or simply too much. Probably nicely meant by the salesperson-but whether one”something so carries now” or not, is relatively to us. It is much more important whether we like it and we feel comfortable in it.

4.”I have the pants in size 34, which is rather small. I’ll get you in a 40, okay?”

Thank you very much, we see ourselves, if between us and the vendor dresses-technically worlds lie. You do not have to smear us on the bread.

5.”You must like the dress.”

Lucky to be dropped by accompanying mothers, best friends or the dearest-in the hope of being particularly diplomatic. The not particularly well hidden message of this sentence is, however,”I do not like it.” And this is perfectly fine. If we ask you about your opinion, let us also hear it, frankly and frankly.

6.”Very short, right?”

Another message with a hidden message. Because it is actually taught us that the dress, the skirt or the shorts are too short for us. This is insecure-and is new food for all the crazy self-doubt, with which we already rumgeschlagen. So either the clear message:”I find that too short.” Or just do not say anything. For why should others determine what we can carry and what not?