6 Nutrition Foods for Breastfeeding

After the birth of the newborn, most women breastfeed their child during the first few months, which is the only food they need.

6 Nutrition Foods for Breastfeeding

However, in order for the mother’s milk production to be of adequate quantity and quality, it is essential that her food is healthy and nutritious.

If you are breastfeeding, in this article you will be able to know 6 nutritious foods to breastfeed.

Secrets to Proper Nutrition During Breastfeeding

In order for breast milk to have the necessary quality, the mother’s diet is of great importance.

But a proper and balanced diet is not only important to the health of the newborn baby, but also to the mother herself.

The first few months after birth are very conducive to postpartum depressions due to hormonal changes and natural wear at this stage, and therefore feeding is essential to provide the mother with everything she needs to produce quality breast milk, but also to meet all the needs of your body.

So the secret to proper nutrition during breastfeeding is plenty of water, adequate rest, and of course, a nutritious diet rich in energy and protein foods.

Check the List of Foods


In addition to being rich in carbohydrates and various minerals, the potassium present in abundance in this fruit helps prevent fluid retention.


Very nutritious foods, rich in iron, vitamins with B complex and carbohydrates.

Apricot and Dried Figs

Rich in minerals like iron, they are equally sources of energy, excellent for the mother.

Milk and dairy products (cheese, yoghurts, etc.)

They are rich in protein and calcium, important to replenish the levels of the mother’s body, but also to nourish the breast milk.

Strawberry and Citrus

Fruits rich in vitamin C, powerful antioxidant with an important role in boosting the immune system, and thus, fighting infections.

Sunflower seeds

Being rich in zinc, they are very useful to promote a fast and correct healing of the points.