6 Digital Cameras That Require Resolution

Technology advances in all areas daily, the cameras are not left behind.Thanks to advances in sensors, images and new objectives, we can observe images with higher quality and resolution.

6 Digital Cameras That Require Resolution

It is for this reason that we explored part of this photographic universe in search of the best cameras according to their use and give the best resolution to photographers.

Canon EOS 7 D Mark II

Camera Canon EOS 7 d Mark II SLR was designed in order to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers who want a team capable of providing a wide range of artistic opportunities.

The EOS 7 d Mark II is an excellent combination of design and ergonomics. This camera is perfect for capturing of the simple and easiest way to the most challenging shots, because it has a refined sensor CMOS APS-C sized, with a 20.2 mp image resolution. In addition to a double 6 DIGIC image processor which allows you to create unique images.

This rebel can capture up to 10 fps at ISO speeds from 100-16000, is also equipped with a 65-point autofocus (AF) system (varies depending on the lens) type cross. This camera has dual memory slot, both for SD card CF the CF, USB 3.0, and GPS (in certain countries and regions, the use of GPS can be restricted) integrated in order to add the geographical positioning of a way to easily and automatically.

Compatibility with a continually growing collection of EF and EF-S lenses makes it more attractive, as well as being compatible with a variety of accessories for the Canon EOS series. This camera also allows you to capture video in Full HD 1080 p with the EOS Movie Full HD.

Nikon D810A

This cutting-edge and high-end camera captures spectacular images of space high resolution. It is designed with the latest technology for astrophotography. The D810A of Nikon takes incredible pictures of up to 36.3 mp of the cosmos and nebulae hidrogeno-alfa wavelength-emitting.

The Nikon D810A has a reduction of infrared filter, this camera is 4 x more sensitive to the spectral line of hidrogeno-alfa than the D810. This is a powerful tool for photography professionals, this specialized camera offers the freedom to accurately capture the colors of the wonders of the deep space without changing the camera.

This camera body is made of an alloy of magnesium, which provides an airtight seal against dust and the weather which guarantees the resistance to moisture and dust.

Aw1 Nikon 1

This series 1 Nikon camera is resistant to water, shock and freeze, perfect for climates and extreme conditions. Resists up to 15 m of depth within the water, can withstand falls free 2 m in height, minimum temperatures of up to – 10 ° C and resistance to dust. As indicated it this camera is suitable for the adventure.

The Nikon AW1 to capture images at a maximum resolution of fast moving objects at a maximum speed of up to 15 fps, or focus on a single point and shoot to a maximum of 60 fps. In addition, thanks to the powerful sensor CMOS CX is can capture excellent, even in low light conditions.

Canon Powershot G3 X

Ideal to capture and share their experiences, the PowerShot G3 X camera is perfect both in outdoor and indoor. Compact, durable and portable design make this camera a top level that gives you an image with excellent quality through its CMOS sensor 20.2 mp 1 “and high sensitivity. In addition, this team has an incredible range of 25 zoom x. Also thanks to the sensitivity of your shutter you can capture every detail of the action at the time occurring in Full HD 1080 p with videos. Similarly, thanks to the new connectivity Wi-Fi equipment shareable images and videos with just one click with the NFC function integrated to connect with Android devices.

Gopro HERO4 Silver

GoPro has revolutionized the world photography and video thanks to its high resistance devices, the Silver HERO4 is a high performance which brings integrated a touch screen camera.

Control, the framing and the reproduction of contents of the camera are now much more comfortable. The GoPro HERO4 Silver captures videos in 1080 p 60 Hz, 720 p 120 Hz with a sharpness of another world, also captures pictures of 12 Mp at a speed of 30 fps. Thanks to a sensor CMOS enhanced, high-resolution video and of 960 p and 720 p frame rates provide a fluid of all those important moments and wonderful slow-motion playback. The UHD and 2.7K video offers images with ultra-high resolution and cinematic quality.

This camera has a built-in trimming video that allows you to create and save small video clips of highlights to share with ease.

The Silver HERO4 can dive up to 40 m of depth. This camera combines versatility and high performance with the convenience of a touch screen.

Sony Α7R II

The Sony α7R II fits in the Palm of the hand. Thanks to the innovation of the first CMOS sensor backlit 35 mm and 42.4 mp. This camera has the resolution, sensitivity (ISO 1024003) and the speed of response to another level.

This camera has a fast autofocus (AF) system. While its 5-axis image stabilization reduces blur that usually appears when not using any kind of accessory stabilizer.

The α7R II is perfect for the video capture at UHD, especially in the Super 35 mm format. And its screen OLED makes unique video and photographic experience.