5 Tricks to Choose the floor that Will suit Your Home

The floor is an essential complement to the furniture of an apartment. Whether tiles, porcelain tiles or parquet, we can create environments that give off different feelings depending on the materials. Here are the criteria by which we can guide us in choosing the right floor to our apartment.

1. Evaluate space

The floor is nothing but the background of the visual panorama of a room. This is the plan that determines a fixed reference to which pull all the other elements of the composition of wall clocks offered by foodanddrinkjournal.

2. Evaluate the set of elements

Tries to imagine the floor as part of a set, where the relationship between the various elements in space determines the immediate and different sensations.

3. Think of the furniture that you want to put in the room

Often the floor is the starting point, the first choice and then continue with the purchase of furniture. Sometimes, however, you can have clear ideas about how you want to furnish their homes with a certain style, or having in possession of some furniture. In any case, in the choice of the floor considered also the style and type of furniture that will want to put in the house.

4. Consider your needs

The choice of the floor also depends on functional and aesthetic parameters that vary according to the searched value, fashion and design.

5. Types and Features

Among the most used floors there are those porcelain tile, stone, marble, wood or concrete. The choice depends on the effect you want to give to your apartment and the time you have to take care of it. Such as marble and wood floors have a more compessa type of maintenance that a porcelain tile. Before proceeding with the choice, do give a sample of the tile to see how he does in your home.