5 Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Do A Detox In The Closet (And Keep It Organized)

The summer schedule is already living on borrowed time and the waters of March are coming to close the station. And we’re here to remind you that, in addition to detox pós-excessos of the season, it’s time to do the detox in the closet. Nothing better than start organizing by cabinets and give that special attention to the clothes of autumn (why not the winter too?). For this, we talked to a personal organizer Juliana Faria, an expert on leave everything in your place.
— The criteria more real is the use, which is not used may be donated or sold to open more space. What’s the point of staying with pity to donate if we’re not going to use? questioning Juliana.
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Spy just five basic tips to start organizing the closet and leave everything tidy, orderly and systematized:

Detach yourself.
Always start discarding everything you no longer use. Start with the parts that were not used in the last year and also those that are no longer. Let in the closet only what you actually use.
— Place in a bag what will be donated and ever forward. If it gets too long that way, you can have a relapse we recommend a personal organizer.
Excess attachment takes up space in the closet that could be used to keep the most used way more organized. After all, with more space, less clothes wrinkled. Not to mention that, in addition to getting rid of that no good, you‘re doing well for those who pecisa. Then detach yourself.
Choose Right
Choose the part of the closet that bothers anymore to start the organization. Just head to the next target after completing the first. If there are things that need to be moved to another place, leave aside for later find a new home for each piece.
Adopt The Method
The most important thing in time to organize the closet is to have a method of organization. Having a, everything becomes easier. Among the options, you can choose the length of sleeve or colors. For example: gather all the dresses, organize them by the size of the mango, then separate the different sleeves dresses according to the color, first place the long sleeve in order according to the color, then the short-sleeve also by color. This method can be used with other parts of the Cabinet.
To keep your closet organized, you need to respect the Organization and save the parts always in the same location. If you do not have time, let on the bed or a Chair to then save accordingly.
The Last Tip:
Never place several pieces on the same hanger, because what we don’t see, don’t use.