5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Leggings Out of the Gym

In recent years the leggings have caused more weathering than other clothing in fashion. They emerged as the “It”, that pair of pants in soft and elastic material that promises to be like your second skin and that as you took so to heart not took away what you or sleeping; because it was your favorite and multipurpose clothing: wear it under a dress, with a shirt five sizes wider because it gave you laziness there that day, to do exercises, faithful Pajama and why not run until the next day? All a vicious circle.

Many years later, welcome to 2015, we want to try new things, improve our style and most importantly: get rid of those leggings that barely hold themselves and that has not stopped to use for 5 years. According to Emilyleggings, the leggings are now a purely sports garment that has a better performance inside the gym where the flexibility is a ‘must’ and the look is not the most important thing. You’re still not convinced and still you cling to the leggings as pants that are not? Here I give you five good reasons so that no more see the light of day and remain within your clothes for the gym.

Makeup to the Gym Yes or no? Find out in this note

  1. it is very limiting when it comes to dress. It’s your time to explore new trends, colors and prints and excellent to see you. The typical response of the “I have nothing what to wear” are always the leggings and it is a never ending circle. experience!
  2. is summer. The only place where you like to sweat with these leggings is in machine elliptical or making a few squats. There is nothing more uncomfortable ride sticky on the street. Opt for shorts or if not dare to show much leg, by a cute maxi skirt.
  3. transforms your whole look. And not in the flattering way that we’d like to, makes us see instantly less professional and more shabby. Forget the custom of wear leggings as pants to look more neat.
  4. you are exposed in more ways than one. The elastic material of these shorts makes wanting to settle peacefully into every corner of our low part (read: crotch, butt, underwear, etc.) As if I would give a preview of what we carry under the rest of the people in the street, and I think that it is not comfortable for you, nor for the rest. A jean with a good haircut is sufficiently thick to form well your figure without highlight the imperfections.
  5. are perfect. Only for sport or physical activity; because they allow you greater flexibility and range of motion. You’ll sweat good-natured and combines with any of your gym-pole.

Do you what do you think? These reasons are enough to convince you to take a good decision, girl Wapa and we rely on your excellent taste.