5 Fashion Trends Plus Size 2017

Who likes to be inside the trends fashionistas need to check the 5 hottest trends for fashion plus size 2017.

Are you curious to know which models and prints will succeed throughout the year?

Keep reading, because we did a compiled with the 5 trends that promise to arrive to stay in 2017 and we still give you tips on how to use!

Check it!

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Top 5 Trends For Plus Size Fashion 2017

1. Geometric Patterns

Who likes prints in your closet will make the party in the year 2017, because many brands are investing in them to give more grace to their pieces.

Geometric prints are especially interesting for plus size fashion pieces because they create effects that leave the female silhouette visually slimmer.

In addition, they are prints that modernize the looks. This type of print will appear a lot on dresses and skirts, but nothing prevents you from making combinations of sweaters with geometric prints and pants!

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If you like geometric prints the tip to adhere to this plus size fashion trend 2017 is to prefer designs that create diagonal lines on the body.

Diagonal lines help create a slimmer silhouette effect, but that does not mean you can not opt ​​for other types of geometry like horizontal stripes.

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2. Tailored Shorts / Shorts

Tailor’s pieces are migrating from formal to wearable at times of greater ease. One way to guarantee more comfort to walk with the piece is that the piece is loose in the legs. The ideal is to have a few fingers between the shorts bar and your leg.

In terms of combination it depends on which occasion you are preparing for.

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A common problem when buying shorts or shorts is to find a garment that serves both waist and leg, because our clothing industry has not yet been able to optimize its work.

The recommendation is to prefer leggings and have a loose waist fit in a seamstress. The shorts or shorts go well with more fun t-shirts and also with formal sweaters.

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3. Influence Boho

Already noticed that enters year, leaves year and boho style pieces are still high? This is because it is a style that has a lot to add in the women’s wardrobe.

For fashion plus size 2017 the trend arrives with a hippie scent in dresses with modeling of robe and in real gowns.

We can see two possible paths, wear dresses in a more romantic style with floral prints or even gowns that pull more to the boho.

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Those who like a more romantic look will be able to enjoy the liberty style prints (small flowers) while women who like a style with a touch more sensuality can bet on pieces with a wider neckline leaving more of the shoulders to show.

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4. Overalls

Looks of single piece always has something of fashion to add to the style, among the unique pieces that make more success we must highlight the overalls.

Who knows how to use this piece properly, may be wearing both a light look for a fun day and a powerful piece.

Note that for looks for the day the most suitable is to choose light pieces and with colorful prints. For the nocturnal productions the tip is to opt for more sober pieces and to bet on the sensuality.

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Did you like the trend of overalls? Find the style of overalls that most fits your personal style.

Note that we can include in this list, pieces with different models, from the widest to the smallest.

Parts with bolder modeling like a flare bar require the woman to be ready to “take” that piece with attitude.

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5. Cake Tones

There is a myth that older women should not wear light colors, the main trend we see coming in 2017 is exactly the fall of those “rules” that prevent women from using what they feel like.

Nothing more representative of a closet filled with pastel pieces.

The trend can be added to your style without mischaracterizing it, as some women like contrasting light tones with dark tones while others like to invest in total candy colors productions. You choose!

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This trend that arrives strong in plus size fashion 2017 brings us some nostalgia for divas looks from other eras and so it goes well in pieces like push up swimwear featured on allpubliclibraries.com.

One tip that makes any look very cool is to have contrasts within the same look, a retro piece with a modern piece, for example.

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