5 Facts about Nomos GlashÜTte

About Their Own Inhibition, Watches For A Good Cause, And Even More Knowledge About The German Manufactory

Nomos Glashütte was known for many years as “the small watch manufactory” in the center of German precision watchmaking. Almost unintentionally and in small but clever steps, the watch brand founded in 1990 by the Düsseldorf-based EDV expert Roland Schwertner has become a market leader in Germany and thus also in the watchmaking location of Glashütte. No one manufactures here today more mechanical wristwatches than nomos. Numerous research and development projects, patents for small complications, now ten own calibers with a production depth of up to 95 percent or a highly respected fine-watchmaking line, the Nomos Gold Collection, have seen steady growth in the past few years taken care of.

With the in-house “Swing-System” introduced during Baselworld 2014, the independence is fully secured – the path for international growth free. Today Nomos employs about 240 people, not only in Glashütte, but also in Zurich and Berlin. The subsidiary BerlinerBlau is responsible for design and communication. Over 130 awards and distinctions adorn the watches of the brand. Manufactory works from the center of fine watchmaking, avant-garde design from the capital and at fair prices make a Nomos Glashütte out.

Fact # 1 About Nomos GlashÜTte: The Most Popular Model

It is the nomos Glashütte par excellence. At least for many. The most popular model – the tangent. A round clock with many right angles, a masterpiece of straightness. It embodies the glash-nut manufactory, acts as a logo for the brand. Since 1992 she has been running.More than any other watch from Nomos Glashütte, it has earned itself the title “Designklassiker”. Inside, the nomos hand-held caliber Alpha is ticking. They are also available with date and gear reserve indicator, slightly smaller than tangent 33 or slightly larger than tangent 38, and as an automatic watch from http://www.timedictionary.com/. The automatic version of the tangent belongs to the collection Neomatik. In the watches of this collection the newly developedautomatic movement DUW 3001 works.

Fact # 2 About Nomos GlashÜTte: Head Office In The Station

Next stop: Nomos Glashütte. Since 2005, the company’s headquarters have been located in the former station of Uhrentadt. Research, development, manufacturing and administration are here the most important departments on a good 1,200 square meters of usable area.The watchmakers, on the other hand, work in the chronometry at the heiress where all timepieces are assembled and regulated. The company is owner-managed and today owns five partners, four of whom work in the company, two of whom are members of the management board.

Fact # 3 About Nomos GlashÜTte: Watches For A Good Cause

Nomos Glashütte supports Doctors Without Borders. The manufactory for Doctors Without Borders has already built 8,000 watches. Of the limited special editions, 100 euros, dollars or pounds (depending on the location) are sent to the relief organization. The clocks bear the red twelve and the small lettering under the six, which points to the nobelpreisgekrönte organization. What a sold watch can be done is a lot: Twelve associations, five family emergency accommodations or 250 malaria fast tests each cost 100 euros.

Fact # 4 About Nomos GlashÜTte: Own Swing System

During the Baselworld 2014, Nomos Glashütte presented the nomos-swing system after seven years of research, its own escapement with a spiral. That transitional moment of the caliber has so far been derived from Switzerland. With its own swing system, the path for further independent growth is now free. After making its debut in the caliber DUW 4401 (Deutsche Uhrenwerke Nomos Glashütte) of the new model Metro, it is to be gradually integrated into all plants, which are renamed in the same way by alpha, beta, gamma in DUW. In 2015, Nomos Glashütte presented the manufactory DUW 3001 with automatic elevator, in which, of course, the in-house swing system indicates the cycle.

Fact # 5 About Nomos GlashÜTte: Genetischgeanlagt

Nomos Glashütte and the genes. First, Nomos is Greek, means law, law, equitable distribution – values ​​that are important to the brand. Secondly, whoever says Nomos, forms his lips briefly as for kissing. It’s pretty. And Glashütte? Here work with the best watchmakers in the world. For almost 170 years already. And so clockmaking is also genetically long-term in Nomos employees in the fourth, fifth generation.