5 Differences Between Boy and Girl Pregnancy

Are there differences between boy pregnancy and girl pregnancy?

5 Differences Between Boy and Girl Pregnancy

The shape of the belly, the skin of the future moms, the appetite and the nausea are some pregnancy symptoms that can indicate the sex of the baby. Of course, they are just mere theories.

The desire of future moms to find out if they are going to have a princess or prince can lead them to resort to these ancient theories.

Differences between boy and girl pregnancy

In some people beats right, in others not, also the probability of hit right is 50%.

Only one echo can confirm the sex of the baby, but it does not hurt to look at some of the differences between the two types of pregnancy.


Belly shape

The shape of the belly, supposedly, also indicates the gender of the future baby.

Girl – is a girl belly is wider and round.

Menino- ‘s a boy if the belly is more pointed.



The pregnant women feel desires or need to eat some types of food. They say that the type of wishes is different when we are pregnant with a girl or a boy.

Girl – If the pregnant woman is more willing to eat sweet during pregnancy.

Boy- If the pregnant woman is more eager to eat salty during pregnancy.

# 3

 Morning sickness

Girl- Morning sickness is stronger and more frequent in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Boy- Nausea is mild, but it can last through the entire pregnancy.

# 4 

Heart rate

According to some theories the heart rate in the first ultrasounds indicates the sex of the child.

Girl – If the baby’s heart rate is greater than 140 bpm.

Boy – If your baby’s heart rate is less than 140 bpm.

# 5 


They say girls steal the beauty of moms.

Girl – The future mom’s skin looks spleen, with pimples and blackheads.

Boy- The skin of the future mom gets cleaner and with a special shine.