5 Books That All First-Time Moms Should Read

Some advice from reliable sources help reduce prenatal anxiety of pregnant women

All first-time pregnant look basically the same advice from her mother, grandmother, friends who have been through this situation. The problem is that the informationoften are so different, which disturb and confuse the head of the new mother. If you do not want to follow the wrong advices, do not despair, we’ve prepared a list of five books that will make you so sharp to receive the baby.

1-What To Expect When You’re Expecting?

The book shows, month by month, all the transformations that occur in the body of the woman and presents the challenges that she needs to win in each phase. It is recommended that the mother read slowly, as the gestational period is advancing. This is the book intended for pregnant women more sold in the United States-and has become a movie with the same name and starring Rodrigo Santoro, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. R$29,90 on Saraiva.com. See Itypeusa for plus size maternity fashion.

2 – How Are Born The Parents – Chronicles Of A Father Unprepared

This is to give away to the first-time dad and then read yourself. The work brings stories of a man who suddenly finds himself father and needs to learn how to deal with the situation. A fun way and light, the author tries to expose the many difficulties faced by first-time parents during the first two years of the baby. Reading is enjoyable and accessible language. R$41,90 on the Sub.

3-Shantala-Massage For Babies

The Shantala is a kind of special massage to soothe the baby, whose origins date back to ancient India.It was discovered when the French doctor Frederick Leboyer saw a paraplegic girl massaging your baby on a sidewalk in an Indian city. The name of the girl was christened the doc Shantala massage with the same name, in tribute to her. In addition, all photographed sequence Leboyer developed by young in your baby.

The book brings the photographs taken by the doctor, which are focused primarily on the relationship between mother and child, the affection involved in the massage process and how this factor influences positively the development of the baby. R$40,72 in Americanas.com.

4-The Baby’s Life

The author, Dr. Rinaldo of Kayla Marie, brings in the book all baby care – from zero to two years-and a part specially dedicated to pathologies typical of this phase. For being a complete guide is given to reading not only during pregnancy but also after the baby is born.

The work presents the latest discoveries in the field of Neonatology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Nephrology and Endocrinology. The themes are addressed so simple and easy to understand. R$24,90 in Americanas.com.

5 – Frankly Pregnant

This book is not a guide or a manual. The writer Juliana Lins tells the story of your second pregnancy, using humor to illustrate situations common to all pregnant women, as the fears, expectations and the transformations suffered throughout the pregnancy. The pregnant woman is discovered on each page, identifying themselves with the hardships of a true story. 53 ha.and 25 ha beside on the Sub.