4th Stage of the World Cup of Mtb

After an incredible weekend in Andorra, I came to Switzerland more motivated than ever to fetch a top 15 in WC, or even something better.

In this step, the route is 100% strength and technique. Only a long ascent and the remainder of the runway requires a lot of physical and technical preparation. The track is filled with roots that have become more slippery with rain and intensive use. The workouts were very good and I managed to find a setup that worked very well for my Mondraker Podium FS. I chose Maxxis Ikon Exo-2.2 with lower calibrations due to the characteristics of the runway, seeking greater grip on the roots-filled parts. I ran with 15psi on the front wheel and 18psi in the rear. Again, I opted for the Crown 30t rotor Q-ring on my bike crankset rotor REX 1.1 inpower. The brakes were very important in this test and the disks of Galfer fulfilled their mission with indescribable precision.

The weather was very unstable and the forecast showed 50% chance of rain on Sunday. On Saturday night, it rained hard and I decided not to worry and give my best, with or without rain. Sunday dawned overcast and, after 50 min. Heating, there I was aligned for 7 laps. Again that music and the crowd hitting the grids went up the adrenaline. The drop opened for a narrow road and a curved face logo, less than 300 meters from the portico, which caused several drops and touches of handlebars. I was very insecure in the drop with the closed and touches that I took. I couldn’t flow on the first ascent and I ended up catching enormous traffic at the beginning of the first technique descent. To get worse, I ended up falling in

“Walk with Faith I go, that faith does not usually fail.” # Timeroota

Second technical section. I slipped on the roots and fell on the bike, turning the wheel to one side and the handlebar to the other. I lost a lot of time and closed the first lap in the 52 position, almost two and a half minutes behind the leader. When I passed the feed zone and saw the frustration features on my team, it did not bring me down, on the contrary, I recovered the concentration and said to myself: now it’s time to recover, focus on the test and err as minimal as possible to fetch as many positions as possible. I put the knife from transporthint between my teeth and I went upstairs. In the middle of the test, my chief of staff warned me that they reduced a lap in the light of the runway conditions and sent me to give everything I had. I opened the last lap in the 25th position and managed to do my best time, retrieving 5 more positions and arriving at the 20th placement.

My goal was to get another Top15 or even something better, but I was very happy and satisfied with my performance on that challenging runway. I leave this proof confident and motivated for the next challenges. I’ll have a few days in my house in Brazil to recharge the energies. Then I go to the Holy Spirit to defend my rank as Brazilian champion. Next, heading to Canada for the 5th stage of the WC, in Mont Sainte Anne. I just have to thank my team PMRA Racing team all over the

Support and for making this dream real for me. I also thank everyone who was cheering for me, my coach Victor Rodríguez, my coach Flávio Magtaz and my family.

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