4 Movies That Every Mother-To-Be Should Watch

Learn about movies that portray the pregnancy, your stories and feelings

Women during pregnancy go through moments of joy, doubts and sometimes hardships and difficulties. This subject inspires many movies in various styles.

Knowing stories of the challenges that mothers and fathers faced, albeit in fiction, it is fundamental to know handle both pregnancy and future child-rearing. Understand the universe of children can also help to further strengthen the emotional bond to support them in the challenges of life.

Check out a brief summary of some of the beautiful works of the seventh art that explore various aspects involving the arrival of a baby:

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

The film, inspired by the eponymous book of nonfiction written by Heidi Murkoff, who talks about the experiences during pregnancy, count as five couples dealing with pregnancy and childbirth.

Twin pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, adoption, IVF, pregnancy problems and different situations ofchildbirth are some of the topics covered by this fun film with actors like Rodrigo Santoro and Jennifer Lopez with chic maternity clothing addressed on Allpubliclibraries.

For those who are in search of a movie that addresses various issues of fun pregnancy, this is an excellent choice.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

The film, based on the Scottish book Allison Pearson, tells the story of Kate Reddy, which is divided between the Executive financial career, her husband, and two children: a six-year-old girl and a baby.

As the title suggests, the movie is shown the prowess of character in dealing with balance with all its activities, but this portrays his sentimental conflicts and social pressures that character lives whilereconciling the various aspects of your life.

The story, which has Sarah Jessica Parker playing the main character, is ideal for those who want a shot in the arm with respect to the challenge of harmony between career, family and love life.

The Little Nicholas

The film, inspired by the French comic “Le Petit Nicolas” of 1959, written by Jean-Jacques Sempé and René Goscinny; tells the story of Nicholas, a boy for being dissatisfied with the chance to win a younger brother , elaborates with friends plans to keep only son and child forever.

See the adventures of Nicholas, portrayed by Maxime Godart, is great for anyone who wants to have more than one baby and hear intelligent and entertaining story to prepare the child for the coming of a little brother.

If I Were You 2

The magnificent film, which relies on the interpretation of large Brazilian actors Tony Ramos and Glória Pires, tells the story of Claudio and Helena couple that when they’re about to get a divorce, swap bodies. During the plot, in the body of Helena, discovers she is pregnant and experience the physical sensations of pregnancy.

“If I were you 2” is a movie that guarantees a good laugh and is indicated to view with the father of your baby. Maybe he put in place of the character Claudio and can better understand the experience of pregnancy?

Now that you’ve got this brief list movies with nice stories and good reason to see them, just enjoy a day to pick them up and enjoy the movies with popcorn warm.