4 Heels: Who Are UnKnow to Walk in High Heels

Training helps a lot, but some models give you confidence and make it easier!

It may seem easy, but walking with high shoes is sometimes very uncomfortable. And it’s no use wanting to put a leaping to create a powerful look if we are not feeling confident. But that’s not why you need to be alone in the sneakers and the creeps, okay? We prepared a list of models that make life easier to parade with a jump there:

  1. Anabela: different from the fine heels, this accompanies the base of the footwear.It starts high in the heel and goes down until it reaches the region of the fingers. It is one of the most comfortable and can be used with everything (skirt, short, dress) and is the bet for the day to day looks.
  2. Flatform: Imagine that yourflat (  flat ) has gained several more layers on the floor. This is more or less what happens with these well-shaped platforms, which leave fingers and heels in the same proportion. Overall, they are heavier and therefore perfect when you are looking for an accessory to create a contrast in the visual.
  3. Square jump or jump block: thicker, it gives stability when putting the heel on the ground while walking.It is quite common in all types of shoes, from sandals and scarpins to boots. So it fits in with any style and goes well on several occasions, from winter to summer! 😛
  4. Half paw: if you want to be a jumping, bet on the half paw. The jump can be quite high, like that of Ashley Benson , or more moderate, like that of Taylor Swift. But the good thing is that this type of footwear has a platform in the front to help give balance. So you can stay~firm and strong~over the jump all night!