4.4 Android Running on HTC HD2, Smartphone of 2009, with SlimKat Beta 1

If we take the view back for a few seconds we can try to remember the year 2009, times in which a smarpthone Android It had four physical buttons either Windows Phone are called Windows Mobile, as it was the HTC HD2 smartphone that displayed processor 1 GHz – mononucleo – and whose screen WVGA had 4.3 inch diagonal.

We know that Android 4.4 It is a breakthrough in terms of consumption and resource management and has been optimized to the point of running on smartphones with only 512 MB RAM. An example of this is what got the scene of HTC HD2 with the custom ROM Slimkat.

Android 4.4 It could be the Android version that begins to put an end to the fragmentation that exists in this platform and is one of the negative points to keep in mind if you want to enter or continue in the Android world.

Details of the version Slimkat for HTC HD2

In 2009 this terminal cost a whopping of 649 EUR free, as we can see, 4 years later we continue in the same price range for the terminals more premium market.