30 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations, you have reached the 30th week, missing only 10 to meet your baby, this time the weight of your baby is about 1450 g and measures about 39 cm. At the end of this week you’re completing the 7th month of pregnancy.

Development of the baby

Your baby’s sex organs develop rapidly, also the head and brain development is quite accelerated in this period. Already governs the sounds from the outside and can scare with strong sounds.

The lanugo, the fluff that protects the baby begins to disappear, except in the back and shoulders, even if born with this down it drops after a few days. Toenails also begin to grow, as well as the hair.

The your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes and put a flashlight in your belly it can follow the light.

Feeding the mother

The baby’s nutritional needs increase in this period, opt for healthy food rich in proteins and vitamins, especially vitamin C, folic acid, iron and calcium, it is important to control your iron levels to avoid possible anemia.

With a size considered big, the mother-to-be can feel some difficulty finding a comfortable position with pregnant pillowcases, the best sleeping position is lying on your left side, this position improves blood circulation in organs and extremities, allowing better blood flow to the uterus. If you can’t rest well at night, try a maternity pillow to put under your stomach and between your legs.

Control your blood pressure, high blood pressure can lead to preeclampsia and increase the risk of a premature birth, be aware of some signs as


Blurred vision with twinkling dots;

Sudden swelling of the hands, feet and face;

Abdominal pain;

Nausea and vomiting;


If you experience these symptoms you should consult your doctor immediately or go to the hospital.