3 Ways to Burn Fat Swimming

Any aerobic activity generates an energy expenditure, but this consumption can vary according to the activity and how to perform it, between the 200 calories/hour up to the 800 calories per hour. Swimming calories consumed vary depending on the person and the physical form of this type of training.

Training in continuous swim at medium intensities is that increased fat consumption achieved in a given unit of time. But to get to this, we have to be able to endure many continuous meters at a steady pace. To make us able to swim ever more continuous meters have to do work for the improvement of the maximal aerobic capacity and increase our maximum consumption of oxygen. This will get it through interval aerobic work and changes of pace, commonly called exercises fartlek. I recommend you make changes of pace with recoveries of 15 to 30 “between segments of more intensity. An exercise as an example would be: do two laps, rest, then three long, rest, do four laps, relax and go down to three long and two resting between.

Another way to burn fat is using some materials, we have told it to you in other entries for what I will not expand but the use of fins , table or pullbuoy in addition to helping you burn fat will make you to tone up your arms and legs. What is important is that these materials according to your size you choose and your level of practice to avoid loads and injuries.

For last, a way to make your body burn more fat but if we train at a level higher than it can be trying to our heart rate above 80% of our maximum. For this option I recommend a pool clock. For every 8-10 long, count keystrokes in 6 seconds and then put it to zero. This will make you also know much more and decide to where you are willing to go.

And you do know some other form of burn fat with swimming?

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