2016 Perfect Gift Ideas – Find the Best Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Good morning divas!

As Christmas is knocking on our doors, I decided to make a post to help the undecided on duty who, like me, haven’t bought the feared Christmas goodies!

I don’t know about you, but this time of year I am invaded by a spirit of Mrs. Claus and I want to buy this for God and the world, but as the big family (Mother, father, brother, husband, and father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandparent …) the money is so tight and it is necessary to establish the budget and priorities before you go shopping!

Thinking about it, I made a mini guide with some suggestions for gifts for the boys and for the divas (Boyfriends: take hints!) and separated by financial limitations.

To begin with, that little something to amaze, to that distant aunt to a nephew or a friend. I chose a few commodities and that there’s no way not to like!

To the people you are closest to, you can spend a little more and give a nice gift, that will make the person feel a sense of happiness when opening the packaging! These slippers there of Carmen Steffens, for example, it’s love at first, second and third sight! Aside from the fact that it’s been packing only the charm, right?! And for the boys magicians to make themselves even more magical, look this slippers there the limits … Very cute, besides being a great option for those who do not want to miss! Moisturizing and perfume kits are also excellent choices, and nobody would reject a good smell, right?!

Now, If you are rich and can shell out more than 60 dollar in the present, it is even easier.
Handbags, sandals, watches, swimwear,bikinis, anything is possible!
Just be careful in the choice of clothing. If you do not know the taste of the person, it is better not to risk it because the chance of error is great! (For men it is easier because you can’t fail in buying them t-shirts!)

And so girls, did you like the tips???
I always like to advance purchases, but this month has been so hectic that I ended up leaving everything to the last minute and I’m scared of rushing!
At least I did my  basic spreadsheet with the names of the people, how much to spend and what I want to buy for each. Already, I have facilitated a bit and I won’t spend so much time running in the mall!

I think now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel,  can’t I?!