2015 Summer Of Cori

Collection spring and Summer 2015 of Cori
The Cori is one of the leading shoe brands in the country, so their releases of collections are always expected and soon the parts saw great success. As now we are toward the end of winter, most brands of footwear is disseminating your news for the summer 2015. So, let’s check it out in detail the new collection of Cori:
The new collection spring and summer 2015 of Cori comes bringing some good striking trends to their shoes. The first strong bet that we can highlight is the Deep Sea, which is an inspiration in the bottom of the sea, with all your sensuality, femininity and delicacy. The shells and pearls mark the details of this inspirational brand line. In the collection you can find sandals with a powerful Golden ladle on the foot or strips covered with pearls.
The inspiration of the Sea also appears in creeping sandals with toe straps in printed fabric for seashells, decorated with a small ladle all covered in pearls. A total charm! The collection also brings rubber flip-flops with colorful strips and also sole with seashells print, perfect for use on the beach.
Another bet of the brand for the summer collection is the Tribal Instinct line, filled with prints, that can not miss ever, especially this time of year the looks are much more cheerful and relaxed. The Leopard, classical and timeless, is still a darling, appearing on many models of shoes, but sometimes with a rustic touch, as the model of pumps with round nozzle, and a half foot thick heel lined by sisal ropes.
The second pattern that appears in this line is the ethnic theme, with their colorful designs, super summer’s face. This print appears on espadrilles, a type of footwear with soles anabela lined by ropes, round spout closed and a strap which attaches behind the heel and in front of the Shin. Is a type of footwear very comfortable, ideal for the looks from day to day.
The third inspiration of Cori is the line titled Dark Paradise, by translating the climate of the summer nights in powerful and sexy shoes. In your most they are in black leather with foil and metal applications, such as spikes and flowers.
The collection also features basic piece, like sneakers in candy colors, sneakers in animal print, printed Twill alpargatas, anabelas sandals with jump ropes, among other options.