2012: Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends, Colors And Images

The summer is coming to an end, and with the arrival of the cold season it’s time to take the opportunity to give that conferred the basic fashion trends autumn-winter.

The world, and with it the world of fashion is always changing, bringing News that promise to please the modern woman, with elegance, style and practicality, because in the daily hustle and bustle you can’t spend hours getting ready, but that doesn’t mean we give up always well dressed.

Station news

As soon as the autumn-winter collections, views on the catwalks of the world, will be present in the best shops. Even if the models that gain shelf space and mannequins are different from those presented in parades, with modifications that make them viable for everyday use, it’s always good to know what to expect, and what to look for in stores.

Colors and prints are still in fashion

The autumn arrives holding the summer tropical colorssuch as orange, red, blue and green, but a major highlight at nude and crude colors, besides the dark tones that bring all the coolness and sobriety of the station to the streets.

The prints remain, but with a great focus for those that mimic the skin of animals, floral, geometric shapes, as well as abstract designs. But remember to quilirar your stamped parts with other flat, not to Sin with too much information on the look. Match the tiles more showy with others a bit more neutral. So, can’t miss it.

In addition to prints, clothes with lace, embroidery and stone applications were featured in the collection of the fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, which merged with daring romanticism in each of its parts.

Leather, wool and velvet are big bets

Another of the big stakes of fashion fall-winter is in the use of heavy fabrics and striking as leather and velvet, as well as the Scottish wool and knit clothing.

Jeans, silk, Oxford among others are also present, but always taking into consideration the sobriety and elegance of the colder seasons features of the year. The pieces that promise to wear most of the women of the world are presented elegantly, with great emphasis on jackets, short jackets besides wool mixtures and leather with fur.

The long coats with large buttons and turtlenecks will be the feeling, so just enjoy the tendency to abuse of this type of play, which always adds to the visual power of that.

Tailoring in high

In addition to coats, another trend for the station is in tailoring, social clothesincluding straitjackets and tailleurs. But pieces that blend the masculine with the feminine arrive with everything, creating a silhouette unisex. The bet of most brands is to create a casual atmosphere, but stylish and tastefully.

The option for tailoring creates a more serious and bold, perfect for the day to day of the modern woman. We never neglect of appearance and want to be recognized professionally, after all, you can’t deny that clothes speak for you. A serious outfit and aligned, overflowing elegance security channel for those who want to Excel in any company that works.

Mix times

The retro has made great success among the designers, and the mixture with the futuristic will be high during the autumn-winter. Clothes that refer to the 1920 and 1930 earn a more modern, with geometric prints and brushstrokes of vibrant colors.

Worth betting also in overalls, versatile and practical, combine with all occasions, and bringing back the long-legged trouser style.

The 2012 fashion for autumn-winter is definitely good democratic and should suit all tastes. Regardless of the style you will find something that fits your profile and match your taste, as well as to please, all clothing should wear well. We must always keep an eye on what will be the fashion focus, after all, no one wants to go through crappy, and every woman want to be gorgeous at any time.

So enjoy the end of summer to look at your wardrobe and decide whether or not that remodeled. And if the answer is Yes, take these tips and good shopping.