15 Models of Short Wedding Dresses

Strong current fashion trend, the short wedding dresses has been one of the first options for women who want to dare the big day and surprise your guests with a model, in addition to beautiful, modern and original. Ranging from simple to the most exquisite style, short wedding dresses have fallen in taste of Brazilian brides who want a sort of elegance and innovation in your wedding dress.

The short wedding dress can, depending on the ceremony or wedding time, combine best, helping to brighten up the party, in certain cases. They appear both in moderninhos models, ideal for those brides of bold personality, or simplistic models, following the line of minimalism, perfect for simpler ceremonies, or that occur during the day.

The length of the short dresses varies greatly, can win lengths ranging from knee-height, even a little above or below these, or even larger lengths, arriving near the height of the calves.

For brides who want a short model, but are worried about the back of the dress, a great option is to elect other asymmetric cutting templates, with the frontal region shorter than the rear, leaving the bride more comfortable and allow for greater freedom of movement.

In different designs for each physical type of bride, the short dresses appear with or without handles, single model, strapless, besides those in evasê Court, suggesting better movement on fabric.

The fashion short wedding dresses bring different styles and can be full and rich in layers and applications, discreet and smooth, with straight cut and adjusted to the body, or with effects that mark the silheuta. Dresses can bear still several details, laces, satin ribbons, Ruffles, lace and embroidery. In addition to cutouts, slits and necklines ranging from more restrained to deep and sensual. The tissues also vary, leaving the thinner and fluids, just following up slightly the body shapes; brilliant and sophisticated-looking as satin or silk, to the rigid, well structured and thicker.