12 Ways to Turn the Rope in a Piece of Furniture

Most of the time you will be astonished to see how with very simple elements, often used and old, will be able to create an interesting variety of special items of furniture and able to make it even prettier our home.

This is the case of the rope. there are of various types. The one that we take into account that today is especially raw, natural color, and the more the end of white color.

Using imagination and creativity, the use of the rope may be the most diverse. Here are 12 interesting ideas from mysteryaround for the home decor with wall clocks:

1) The string to create shelves

Have you ever thought that the rope can be made of the shelves a little ‘different from the usual and very pretty?

The rope combined with wood of all hues has a special charm … just always thinking of staging elegant boats where this combination is used with great skill.

2) The string to build suspended beds

A particularly simple rope can make interesting idea rather common and simple.

3) The string to build the original light points

Light points from the particular lines and at the same time simple.
Elements from vintage tones, the wear charm given by time and the rope… pairings perfect for furnishing objects undoubtedly modern and striking.

4) The rope as a decorative and functional element for the home tends

To manage the home curtains with just a rope element can be an interesting idea, for example, if we think of a seaside apartment where this way of furnishing certainly add style.

5) The string to build unusual handrail

It ‘amazing how a simple string can make a very special scale that in a few moves becomes original and treated in detail.

6) The rope to achieve the mirror frames

The rope used to create nice frames for mirrors is an idea easily done at home with very few basics of DIY… the result is guaranteed!

7) The rope as a handle

Also in this case it is only to have a bit of imagination more.
The rope used as a handle can have different uses, the most varied, but all with a certain charm.

8) The rope to realize modern containers

Also that of the containers is a modern idea and interesting .

Seem very complex to implement, it is actually not entirely true even if it required a good deal of patience to get the best result possible.

9) The rope to decorate simple pots

Completely covered in rope pots, vases embellished with special rope and rope in the same vessel as a decorative element.

10) The rope to create placemats and coasters

That of coasters and trivet is a nice idea, and at the same time very functional since the rope also boasts a remarkable durability.
Ideas simple to make at home and in a few short moves.

11) The rope and the more bizarre uses

It ‘only a matter of imagination… the rope really lends itself to various uses as both decorative and functional element.

12) The rope to make written romantic

And to close with a romantic touch that never hurts, rope used to write words sweet maybe, why not, just to set up in an original way a wedding for example, at the beach or in a huge green lawn.

How about?