10 X Scarves for Fall

Perhaps the most sophisticated accessory for fall is in our opinion the scarf. No matter if you like bright colors and the big patterns or subdued solids, it is a given product for fall and winter. Functional in its protection of the neck and chest against the winter cold and a great alternative to the tie if we take down the formality either. How to tie the scarf is personal, but there are just as many options here as there is for the tie.

When it comes to materials, it is a couple of different options that we would recommend for fall and winter.

A scarf in Kashmir is probably the nicest option then cashmere fiber really comes into its own in scarves. With good breathability and unmatched feel against the skin, it is an excellent example of everyday luxury during the cold winter months. Kashmir also has a very beautiful luster and is suitable for both color and monochrome pattern.

Another option that gives very beautiful luster are the combination Wool/silk. It is a combination that often can cost just as much as kashmir due to the difficulty of weaving but provides a perfect blend of wool’s warmth and silk luster.

When it comes to color and pattern, it is something very personal. A scarf with strong colors and patterns can be a welcome, personal touches to the dark blue suit as a sober Brown scarf but patterns can provide an extremely luxurious impression where the material may speak.

We personally prefer scarves that are thin woven but very large giving a stylish knot without losing volume.

Paisley print in bright colors are a hallmark of Italian Etro. Here in a mix of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. (braun-hamburg.de)

Cashmere scarf from Berg & Berg in so-called Zibellino-finish. Extremely luxurious feel to the colors Brown, blue and white.

Promised & Green’s neck Wardrobe Department at to 1924. Here in the form of a green wool scarf with subtle floral pattern. (Exquisitetrimmings.com)

Scarf from Italian Di Maestro. Bin formation gives a faint pinpoint structure of off-white and beige. (braun-hamburg.de)

Scarf from Drake’s London with a Navy base and touches of gold, orange and green in the material mix Modal and Kashmir. (linnegatan2.se)

Dark green cashmere scarf with orange överruta and back from Johnston’s of Elgin. (johnstonscashmere.com)

Überlyx from Loro Piana cashmere and silk blend. (mrporter.com)

Takahiro Osaka from Liverano in a company great cashmere scarves. (thearmoury.tumblr.com)

Tasteful styling of the scarf to a dressy style. This from Italian Rosi & Ghezzi that one can find in eg Hugo and Jupiter in Stockholm. (jupiter.se)

Eton offers along with their shirts some nice scarves made from Merino Wool. (etonshirts.com)

Top photo -Cesare Attolini