10 Tips on How to Spring Sports Begin!

Spring is coming – nature fully alive, we change our wardrobe, and many of us feel that in this period, like throwing away even some excess kilos. But how? It looks easy: In the morning I will run until fatigued, then not eat the whole day and evening with a smile on his face to find that balance shows a number that I expected. Thus, it would not work, folks. We offer 10 short tips how to properly start the spring sports:

1. Which sport is the best? How to begin?

The advantage of the current forecast is that a lot of sporting activities can operate outdoors without being burdened by bad elements. Movement in the fresh air of the countryside is far more rewarding than enclosed spaces fitness center – Select, for example, run or ride a bike. You can strengthen but also at home, for example, are excellent exercises strengthening the abdominal region (eg. Abdominal crunches or sit-ups).

2. What are the advantages of running?

Simply put: Running in you almost anywhere . In addition, you are exercising virtually no time limit and if you run in nature may be running and pleasant form of relaxation. Necessary equipment for every runner should be particularly high quality sports shoes and clothes.Definitely do not change the route can always choose on the basis of their physical condition. Again, the less often means more.

3. When are the best jogging?

You should run once in the morning (or in the morning), go ahead and completely fasting. At this time, the body charged with energy derived from their sleep, and is thus ready to pay the maximum performance. After the morning run your body is additionally oxidized, thus promoting optimal brain function, for example. However, if you do not have time in the morning, feel free to go jogging after work – it’s certainly a better option than doing nothing.

4. Problem with exaggerated zeal

We know it, we all want to see results immediately, so we tend to be at the beginning of the journey to a dream figure ridiculously overloaded. Do not be overzealous mode can adjust according to their strength and attention to adequate fluid intake and a balanced diet. If you during your sports season to experience recurring weakness, it is time to ease off the throttle.

5. How do I find therefore overworking?

If you feel the positive effects of sport, but on the contrary, you are more tired, you might have with an intensity workouts overdone. Fatigue can manifest among you faster, gradually comes aversion to sport in general and accompany you to severe cramps – these are all warning signs that you should bring an immediate change in practice. Sufficiently therefore regenerate and their sports activities regularly periodically.

6th importance of stretching

Many people underestimate the significance and importance of proper stretching. Before training choose its dynamic form – is an excellent example of classic circling in the joints, which he had surely most of us remember from elementary school. After training conversely choose a static option – for example, try to stay 15 seconds in one position and breathe deeply. This will prevent muscle shortening.

7. What tells me heart rate?

Generally, when the heart rate above 140 beats per second burn fats .This figure is indicative only, example in athletes routinely reaches the boundaries of 160 or even 180. Its maximum heart rate, simply counted by the number of 220 (230 women), subtract your age. So if the sportováním really mean it, you should definitely consider the purchase of a high quality and accurate sporttester.

8th Advantages of cycling

For many more welcome option than a monotonous in its infancy and challenging course. Among the benefits of cycling include, in addition to adrenaline experiences and drive across country, mainly that when cycling leads to cyclical movements and limbs being hit equally. Although cycling is a clear health benefits (like every movement), and in this case should not overdo anything – sed constant bent and unnatural head tilted back can indeed have a negative effect on the cervical spine.

9. How do you wear on your bike?

In addition to the threat of a fall on a bicycle your biggest enemy of the wind. Be careful not to neprofoukli. Prim plays and comfortable knit dress that up sweat and preferably contains reflective elements. Companion of every athlete should thus be particularly flexible pads for shoes, knees, legs wide, then breathable cycling jerseys and of course technologically advanced bike-gloves.

10. What in sports to forget

The main thing is: Know your limits! The important thing is drinking habits, proper nutrition, appropriate underwear in which you feel comfortable during sports, and towards a single set goal. Do not change your plans, then it can happen that the big expectations come of nothing.Sport can then select the one you after a week of efforts resignation resign. If you meet the following criteria, you will enjoy a few weeks of well-deserved fruits of fruit!