10 Tips on How to Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Ten tips to have beautiful hair and healthy.

To have a beautiful hair it takes dedication and some special care. Check out top ten tips for keeping your beautiful and healthy strands:

  1. To have nice hair you have to invest in good products;
  2. Each type of hair need a specific product, so if your hair is dry, use products for dry hair, if it is oily, so oily, and so on;
  3. To maintain the beautiful hair you must use shampoo, conditioner and finalizer that follow the same purpose;
  4. invest in treatments that provide brightness and softness to the hair. Not only do the shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair healthy;
  5. If you need to dye your hair, use products for colored hair. Some formulas to protect the color longer, preventing the hair need to go through most often dyes;
  6. Women who have blonde hair must hydrate you with greater frequency, and avoid excessive exposure to the Sun, sea and pool water;
  7. To ensure the health of wires, at least once a month, cuts the ends and hydration. These are fundamental care, whatever your hair type;
  8. If you often fix the hair with the help of hair dryer and curling iron, don’t forget to use thermal protectors, as high temperatures cause dryness and split ends;
  9. Once a week you should use a anti-resíduos shampoo and do a hydrating the tips;
  10. Eat well is essential to preserve the beauty of the wires. Milk, eggs and meats, leafy vegetables, whole grains, fish and seafood help nourish the scalp.