10 Games For Baby Shower

Discover the games that guarantee fun for all and do not expose the mother-to-be to risks

The baby shower is a special celebration because it is the time of pregnancy to share with family and friends the joy and anticipation of the birth of the baby. To ensure a healthy moment, it is interesting to provide fun through delicate and intelligent banter that they do not cause harm to any of the participants of the event.

Pregnancy is a time when there is an intense emotional sensitivity and the State in the last months of this phase does not allow many movements, so the baby shower and your games should be designed so that it will not be caused any stress to the pregnant woman.

The materials needed to carry out the games at the baby shower should be simple and not involve many costs to also cover maternity clothing from elishui.info.

Cards, tapes, old magazines, pens and materials purchased in plastic and cheap toys stores meet many ideas for jokes. These items can be bought or donated by guests.

It is important that a person close to the pregnant help in the preparations of both the baby shower as a whole as the games, since the future mother must remain devoted mainly to watch out for your health and that of your baby.

Ideas For Games

  1. What size is: the mother-to-be should measure with a tape measure the circumference of the belly in advance and ask guests to take guesses, trying to hit the exact measurement. Who hit wins a toast;
  2. Watch the baby egg: give each guest plastic balls to take care. If a ball is left out, who have seen you can get it for you. The winner is whoever has the highest number of balls;
  3. Baby bingo: Enumerate the presents and get a bingo sheet to each participant. In time to open presents, mom reads the number of this that took and participants will marking. Whoever gets bingo first wins a prize;
  4. Who is in the photo: Piece for each guest to take a photo of your child and the mother-to-be will attempt to guess in case mom hit, the owner of the photo will pay a gift;
  5. Don’t say “baby”: make necklaces with a Ribbon and a pacifier made of cardboard as “pendant” and give one to each guest, forbidding him from that moment on, saying the word “baby”. Anyone caught speaking the forbidden word should give your necklace to the person who caught him.Wins the game whoever has the most necklaces;
  6. Scrambled words: ask the guests to divide into groups and give each group a sheet with words related to babies with scrambled letters writing. The team to figure out all the scrambled words first WINS;
  7. Preach the Sperm on the Egg: draw on paper an ovary with an egg inside and nail on the wall.Garnish a tampon so it looks like a sperm and paste a double sided tape. The guest must, blindfolded, spin around a few times and then try to paste the sperm on top of the egg. The first one hit takes a prize;
  8. How will the baby: take several magazines, scissors and glue bond paper. Separate groups of three to five people. Each group will cut and paste on a paper parts of baby pictures mounting the image of how they think will be little baby who will be born. The mother, without knowing which images correspond to each group, will decide which of the indentations more matches the appearance that she thinks the baby will have;
  9. Guess how many pins: In a pot place several safety pins. The guest who hit or get closer to the exact number of pins within the pot wins a small gift;
  10. Memory: Put on a table several baby items such as baby bottle, pacifier, rattle, PIN, disposable diaper, ointment, bear, duck, shampoo, teether, bib and others to remember. Ask for guests to memorize and store everything quickly in one box. Who write the biggest number of objects present in the bank teller makes a toast.

Use the creativity awards for the winners of the games, is the best alternative, since there is nothing to worry about buying expensive gifts. Goodies like chocolates, cans with cookies, candies, jelly beans or chocolate confetti are cheap and guarantee of success.

The ideal is programmed in advance to plan an unforgettable baby shower and gather loved ones to share this moment of joy of the pregnant woman. More than get provide a beautiful event, the essential for the mother-to-be is: Relax, dress up beautiful and comfortably and have fun.