10 Campsites For Camping with Kids

Child camping means happy childhood. Hosting outdoor activity that teaches the coexistence of individuals and sharing common spaces. Refuge of high degree of contact with nature without the need for physical barriers of separation. In this environment the child make friends, have fun, learn to deal with and respect nature and can especially enjoy sensational experiences with their parents. So, for this next children’s day holiday, broke up 10 campsites with attractions perfect for you can go camping with them.

There are many campgrounds and familiar taste profiles for children make out enough. Are natural attractions, such as beaches, waterfalls and forests, indoor attractions like swimming pool, playground or paddleboats and even specific facilities like good bathrooms, modules in grass or sand or even collective recreation schedules. Let’s go get ’em:


The price is of the most savory, but nature has is unique. Situated in the middle of a luxury resort, is on a peninsula formed by two rivers that come together and drain into the sea. Crossing the channel by boat of the camping you will already be on the beach. The acampável area (only for tents) is on the edge of the river and overlooking the sea. Has great support, such as pool, courts, games room, mini market, restaurant, walkway and much more. Usually requires advance booking. Can offer recreation programs monitored. It also has simple cottages without toilet.


Known for your great camping with sleeping bags via Bestitude, has monitored the small recreation and various attractions, such as swimming pool (heated up), blocks, games, Lake, restaurant, sauna and much more. Its proximity to the Capital of São Paulo is a facilitator. Has more than a campground offering the choice of different profiles. Accept tents, trailers and motor homes and has cottages and Inn.


In the heart of the serra da Mantiqueira and the shores of the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, Serrinha of Alambarí is a cozy village nestled between Rock-RJ and Viscount Manuá-RJ/MG. The Campig is one of the richest in natural resources. Are in a large portion of land between two rivers of crystal-clear waters in a confluence. Are 5 wells for bathing, one of them with the support of the sauna. The cafeteria is much praised by trivial served dishes at good prices. The camping offers standard facilities CCB. There is taken for tents, so be sure to enjoy your old lamp in healthy banter with the little ones. The city of Penedo is next with your Finnish colony with several attractions for tourism. The lower part of the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia is also unmissable programme. Even a rise to Visconde de Mauá to spend the day and meet its waterfalls is a good thing. Accept Tents, trailers and motor homes.


Corner well near the Miner RJ and SP Has great facilities with different areas for camping and accept tents, trailers and motor homes. Your pool is natural water with great restaurant, TV room, games, playground, sauna with natural shower, fishing Lake and blocks. Is approved the CCB and so offers discount on everyday for their partners. The city of San Lorenzo has a lovely thermal Center with several different types of water sources, in addition to the Park own bathrooms, shops and restaurants. Don’t miss the tour of Maria Fumaça to Geraldton. If in the window be sure to take the same care that the ancients had to protect clothing from sparks from the steam. Many times on the way the Rails, children await eager for treats that travelers shoot through the window of the train. More locations in the circuit of the mineral waters of MG can be visited, in particular Caxambu and Lambari.


Mozambique Beach and the pine forest are the main attractions of an essentially traditional camping camping the years 70 and 80. Primarily by custom of the families that “change” to the camping in the summer holidays, living in a very harmonious with its neighbors and with nature. The beach is almost deserted and is just after the bells “Barra da Lagoa” and “soft”. In the background is the Lagoa da Conceição and North is saintly and English. The camping has models of sustainability management in growing vegetable gardens, composting and recycling. Has restaurant, games, football field, community support and great bathrooms. A bucolic lane connects the track by camping on the beach almost exclusively. Accept tents and RVs.


Camping infrastructure model. Faces the sea and offers place for tents of all sizes, trailers and motor homes. The pine trees offer shade light and lined up support for moorings of tarpaulins. Well defined with streets, has dishwasher scattered with water and light. The bathrooms are numerous and well attended in cleaning. Has well controlled, Concierge, restaurant, mini market, playground, courts, barbecue areas and kitchen. Also offers chalets.


Much talked about primarily by South and Southeast, caravanning site has 10 square meters in familiar surroundings. Is on the beach and has a swimming pool. It also features restaurant, games and areas for tents, trailers and motor homes.


Other camping very well spoken by the campers as an option in Porto Seguro in Bahia. Has numerous modules for RV’s and tents in its two hundred M ² of green area. Has internal streets and offers swimming pools, field tiles, games, TV, snack bar, gym and much more. It also has bungalows. [see more]


One of the largest and most structured campsites of Brazil, has a world of attractive interns getting all kind of equipment. With the beach practically private, has also many baths, points to wash dishes and barbecue grills, courts, restaurant, cafeteria, Bazaar, TV lounge and more. Has workshops for children recreation and the largest of the worlds to those seeking tranquillity. There are two areas for those who like peace and quiet. The area of silence and another entitled “Radicals do sossego”. [see more]


Its biggest attraction is the water park, the main goal of those who travel to Caldas Novas. It also has a playground, zip line, swimming pools with waterslide, fields, courts and restaurant. The Camping welcomes tents, trailers and motorhomes. [see more]

Good camping out. …

Marcos Pivari-MaCamp