10 Apps to Take More Advantage of Your Camera Phone!

To enhance your photographic skills and impress friends and family, there’s nothing like some apps to help you with this task. Below are some of the best for all tastes and uses. Some of them are free. Others cost a little, but nothing that will break your bank. You will find that there is much beyond the popular and common Instagram .

10 Apps to Take More Advantage of Your Camera Phone!


Normalize quickly and easily reverts the modern and tedious photos back to their original shape using stunning filter technology. It also works very well bringing to life old photos.


An award-winning application that dramatically enhances the way your photos appear through the use of incredibly advanced software. Only a few touches will make these small adjustments to turn a medium photo into a prominent place worth photo in your home. For Android and iOS .

Fast Burst Camera

For those who like to capture all the action, this app is a must. Able to take up to 30 photos per second, it is ideal for sports, parties, action or simply for those who insist on quantity on quality.

Camera Zoom FX

With over one million downloads, there is no doubt that this is one of the best photo apps available for Android phones. There are a number of great features like 6x zoom, super-fast shutter speed and customization of all hardware buttons. This really turns your cell phone into a professional camera.


A camera application that lets you control the shutter with any sound you choose. Great for taking group shots without having to run against the timer. You can also select the trigger parameters that best suit the situation. Just say the word and that’s it, you have your picture at the perfect time!

Group Shot

You know when you want to take a really good picture, but is your younger brother making a face? Well, now you can take his face off him and paste a better older face, which can turn the family photo into a much more memorable moment.

Camera +

Quite simply a better version of the standard iPhone camera, the Camera + lets you take more advanced photos. Some examples of the aggregated functions are varied exposures, advanced shooting modes and a flash front, as well as a host of other popular editing options.


The high power of this application comes in creating panoramas that allow you to capture all the people in one place with just a few photos. Then the app itself does an advanced image stitching where all your photos appear crisp and seamless, even if you’re a little dizzy when you take them out.

Cinemagram / GIF Camera

These ingenious applications are hybrids of photography and video, allowing you to animate small portions of your photos. You start by making a short film then just rub your finger on the elements you want to keep moving. The result? A wealth of possibilities and will yield many interesting montages.


Similar to Photosynth, but for Android users, this highly praised panoramic photo app is designed with the intention of allowing users to share their location with others. If you need inspiration, just take a look at the thousands of photos that have already been sent and thus, create a 360 panorama to make many people jealous. For iOS and Android .